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Eight Ways to Deliver High-Quality Care in Hospital Medicine

In hospital medicine, delivering high-quality care is a complex balancing act between goals and constraints. Hospitalists strive to make evidence-based clinical decisions, facilitate seamless transitions of care, and allocate time for difficult patient conversations within a[…]

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Why Physician Attribution Drives Performance Improvement

Provider attribution, the process of associating outcomes to the care of individual providers, is a critical component of an effective performance improvement initiative. Hospitals can realize big gains using data to drive performance—but doing so requires understanding how[…]

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Six Imperatives for Cybersecurity in U.S. Healthcare

On June 2, 2017, the HHS Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Task Force released the final Report on Improving Cybersecurity in the Health Care Industry to Congress.

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How to Design Technology for and with Physicians

Why do so many technology companies struggle with physician adoption? Are physicians technophobes, is it the technology, or some combination of both?The unfortunate reality is that many physicians either dislike or do not use many health IT solutions.

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SMART on FHIR: Unlocking Digital Health

“Do you integrate with my EMR vendor?” is one of the first questions a digital health application vendor will get from a prospective client, and with good reason. It has historically been a Sisyphean task requiring custom interfaces and hours of hospital IT time. Often, it[…] Read More

Five Barriers to Measuring Inpatient Quality

As U.S. healthcare payments become increasingly value-based, quality improvement initiatives will enable hospitals to improve patient outcomes, realize operational efficiencies, and better manage the financial risk associated with emerging payment models.

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HIMSS17 Takeaways

Last week, forty thousand health IT professionals arrived in Orlando for the  HIMSS (Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society) annual meeting, the biggest health informatics event of the year. Read More